Software Development / System Administration

Specializing in *nix (Linux, BSD...) environments.

Geographic Location

Open, depending upon the opportunity, with a preference for Beijing, China (where I live). Telecommuting is a preferred option.



Self-Employed:                                   10 Years

  • Software Development:
    • Python & PHP web applications
    • extensive shell scripting
    • Django framework
    • Big Data analysis
    • Facebook, Amazon AWS, Github, Google BigQuery APIs
  • Linux System & Network Administrator:

Raytheon Systems Company:                3.5 Years

System Engineer

Worked on the TracView Air Traffic Control System, a diverse networked UNIX C/C++ environment. Experience includes both Radar Data and Flight Data functionality:

  • Prepared and conducted formal acceptance tests for customers (FAA, Germany, Vietnam).
  • Performed internal regression and Y2K testing.
  • Spearheaded initial organization of Y2K work, writing Test Plans and Procedures.
  • Collaborated with software and system engineers in the identification of problems.
  • Frequent international travel to deliver systems on-site to customers.
  • Performed software maintenance (fixing of problem reports) for several months.

Hughes Canada Systems Division:       2.5 Years

System Test Engineer

Worked on the Guardian Air Traffic Control System. Focused primarily in the Flight Data Management area, in an Ada UNIX environment:

  • Designed and conducted software component tests and system-wide regression tests.
  • Prepared/conducted formal acceptance tests for customers (China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia)

Unisys GSG Canada:                       3.5 Years

Software Engineer

Worked on the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program, a distributed Naval command and control system. Areas of responsibility included Hull-Mounted Sonar, Maintenance Test, and Simulation modules, in a CMS2-UNISYS 1100 environment:

  • The target system was a network of small ("mini", as opposed to "mainframe") hardened / militarized computers, with very limited memory, on a warship. The development system was a mainframe where we wrote and compiled the code, transferred the binaries onto a portable disk drive cartridge, and then installed the cartridge in the target network for testing on the target devices.
  • Both the target mini-computers and the mainframe were products of UNISYS, and the whole software/hardware environment was proprietary. The mini CPUs had their own UNISYS instruction sets and corresponding assembly language (called ULTRA-16 - all I/O was coded in assembly) and the high-level language used was also a UNISYS product called CMS-2 (similar to Pascal).
  • I contributed to several modules, but the main one was that of the Hull-Mounted Sonar. This module talked directly to the sonar hardware, accepting sensor data from the sonar and issuing commands to the sonar. There was also a display component, giving the sonar operator a visible indication of the physical state and mode of the sonar, and the location of target echos. There was also a simple tracker, which extrapolated recently reported target positions so as to predict future target position. A typical real-time software kind of application.
  • I extensively re-wrote the control software for the Hull-Mounted Sonar, correcting a wide range of software problems, ranging from low-level interface and device-control malfunctions through sonar tracking anomalies and operator interfaces.

Canadian Navy:                                3 Years

Lieutenant, Combat Systems Engineer

  • One year of sea time as a Combat Systems Engineer. Responsible for the safety and operation of the ship. Supervised a duty watch of up to 40 crew.
  • At Fleet Software Support Center, designed, coded, and implemented a PC-based "Configuration Status Accounting" database to track software changes.


Mandarin Language Studies
Peking University
(One-year full scholarship from the China Scholarship Council.)

M.Sc. Physics (Astronomy)
Université de Montréal
(Two-year full post-graduate scholarship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.)

B.Eng. Engineering Physics
(Electrical Engineering)

Royal Military College of Canada


Certified ScrumMaster


High Level Languages

Python & PHP

Assembler: Intel, Motorola


UNIX: Linux, OpenBSDNetBSD, etc
Linux Distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Archlinux
MS Windows
Apple Macintosh

Linux Services

PostfixEximDovecot (e-mail servers)
ApachePHP (web server)
MySQL (database server)
Backuppc / obnam / dirvishrdiff-backup / rsync (backup software)
Networking (wired & wireless)
Firewall / RouterShorewall & Firehol 
Security: E-mail & File System Encryption



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