If You are a Geek, Do Run Your Own Mail Server?

For starters, it is not very hard because there tends to be a lot of documentation out there on the subject. Here[1] for instance is a rock-solid, step-by-step recipe for setup on a Debian Linux machine. Figure it out once, keep good notes, and you are good for a lifetime.

Further, if we geeks cannot be bothered with making a small effort to raise the general level of internet privacy, who do we expect will?

Personally, I make the job easier by not running my own SPAM filter (resource intensive, complicated) and use a multi-tiered approach to managing my e-mail. I only share e-mail addresses on my SPAM-vulnerable personal server with people and organizations that I am fairly sure are not going to SPAM me or sell my e-mail address to someone who will. For all other correspondants / use cases (mailing lists, for example) I use the SPAM-filtered e-mail service provided by GMX[2]. For the latter case, the contents of the communication are rarely personal, and often inherently public.

I have also recently started using address extension[3] as a further means of making my personal server more SPAM resilient, AND identifying those low-lifes who DO sell my e-mail address to advertisers.

I have been doing this for years, and have only every had minor and temporary problems with SPAM. I have never been forced to block and change an e-mail address on my personal server.

Servers are really cheap[4]. Let's stop giving away our personal communications to large corporations and governments for free. Make them work for it at least.

[1] https://workaround.org/ispmail/
[2] https://www.gmx.com/
[3] http://tanguy.ortolo.eu/blog/article126/disable-spammed-addresses-postfix
[4] http://www.crowncloud.net/openvz.php

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