Massive Microsoft Fail

A few months ago I purchased a copy of Win7 on-line. It showed up in pristine condition, still shrink-wrapped and full of a very authentic looking collection of DVDs and documents. I installed it in a virtual machine, registered, and everything has been working fine for months. Until today, when Windows Update informs me that for some reason my registration key has been "blocked". Apparently (I am guessing) there is something about running on a virtual machine (in China!) that their license server is having indigestion over. So now I cannot update the thing, which was the point of getting a legal copy with license in the first place.

Customer service?: tried and failed. My Win7 installation gives me phone numbers to call: the toll-free number in China was Mandarin-only with no choice of language, from which I managed to divine that they wanted me to call another number. I called. It was busy. Next: I tried to initiate a chat with support, and something was wrong with the chat software, the "Send" button ignored me.

I only use the thing once every month or two anyway (today to verify the behavior of WinSCP). I think I will just go back to telling my clients that I have no Microsoft environment whatsoever, and call this first experiment with anything Microsoft in 10+ years an abject failure not worth more of my time. Open Source / *nix rules.

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