Wow, What an Upgrade

I installed Mezzanine for the first time a very few years ago for this site: Ubuntu==14.04, Django==1.6.11, Mezzanine==3.0.9

I just upgraded, leaping over multiple major versions of everything: Debian==Stretch/9, Django==1.10.7, Mezzanine==4.2.3. What broke? Basically nothing.

Of course I had some minor issues getting everything copied over and permissions right, but as for the Mezzanine/Django duo itself? In the end all that was necessary was to update the urls.py and settings.py to Mezzanine's latest versions, and then everything Just Worked.

Based on past experience with other Content Management Systems (CMS), and even bare Django itself, that is really quite remarkable. Even Django tends to change how settings need to be made from major version to major version, but Mezzanine just takes care of that.

If Mezzanine had a collection of pre-packaged themes, I think it would be the go-to solution for anyone wanting a quick CMS-based site (that does not need a major re-write every two years for a new CMS version).

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