Website Construction

Simple & Elegant

If you provide the content, we can turn out simple, professional-looking websites like this site with just a few man-hours of work. We can also:

  • arrange hosting for your website, or
  • host it with your existing provider, and
  • teach you how to change and maintain website content yourself.

For this kind of website, the tools we use are simple but powerful, and not out-of-reach for a motivated person to learn how to use.

Content Management System

If you plan a larger website that will:

  • change a lot
  • that your own employees must be able to edit and modify
  • will experience periods where more then one employee will be editing the website content at the same time

you probably should consider a Content Management System (CMS) combined with a database. We are most familiar with the Django / Mezzanine and the Drupal CMSes, basic instances of both of which can be up and running for you in just a couple of man-hours. Editing of content by employees is quite straight-forward and minimal training is required.

Custom-Built Dynamic Websites

If your website will be interacting with large numbers of customers and/or storing large amounts of data, it will need to store this data in a database. Almost all CMSes (see above) do this. But if your needs do not fit within the confines of a CMS, nor any other ready-made software, and requires the crafting of a custom web application to interact with your database, this is a much larger job, and we can also do this. Be warned, though, that this kind of dynamic website, if large and complex, can require hundreds of man-hours to build. Or not, if you can distill your ideas and needs into a simple set of data on which a small set of simple operations are performed.

Here is an example of a dynamic website that we wrote:

On the surface this site is deceptively simple, but under the hood there is quite a lot of code talking to the Facebook and Paypal APIs.

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